Dune (2020)

updated text of 'dune' for 2020 movie

What are some of the main themes in Frank Herbert’s Dune novel?
The ability and necessity to adapt to environment and expectation?
Power: corruption versus ‘good’ intentions in a more civilised order (House Atreides)?
‘Sea changes’, love as destiny, overcoming fear.
Individual and group.
A grass-roots uprising: a new, wild order (the fremen) – more collaborative and real/respectful? They unite with the older civilised order through one, powerful, ‘ordained’ leader, to overthrow former corruptions (internal and external).
Harnessing resources efficiently to seize ultimate, long-lasting power.
Respecting nature’s resources and its long-lasting, ultimate power.
The symbol and function of sandworms.

A lot of relevant(?) messages for a 1960s sci-fi book(s)…

So can this 2020 version generate the same rich, resonant atmosphere as it updates or removes the more dated, excessively dark and cornier elements?
‘Whispered thoughts’: possibly the most overlooked device in cinema?

Dune could be renamed “CRYPTO” of course… for I see ‘coins within coins’…. liberals versus the old order… but where the bitcoin will flow…. and the sand-whales need be harnessed!

Stay tuned… for things may get epic…

sept 2020


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