SOLD: ‘The GameStopper Strong Hand’ NFT (plus free crypto advice)

Plus a view on the recent WallStreetBets events…

Gamestop NFT... a detail from commemorative cryptoart on Ethereum...
detail from ‘Gamestopper Strong Hand’ v2

[Now Sold]… this rare crypto-art collectible (above) to commemorate the whole Gamestop reddit-fired movement, which for me signals just as much the drive towards decentralised finance. And of course, a tribute to the strong hodlers of Gamestop in 2021.

And because… YOU LIKE THIS NFT!

There will only be one more edition (v1) of this piece, coming soon, (ie. when ETH publishing fees are lower!)

View it (via web3 login) on………..[you might still be able to place an offer for it with the present owner]

Thoughts on Gamestop, WallStreetBets etc…

It’s a landmark moment, and yes, ‘inevitable’ perhaps. Social media trading groups across many social networks has been a growing trend since crypto 2018, where altcoins have been ‘pumped and dumped’ by those accumulating bitcoin. This time, the tables have turned on ‘pro’ traders, and so may the shift continue [see also ‘Shift into De-fi‘ post].

‘De-fi’ exchanges right now are booming. Uniswap, PancakeSwap…. They don’t need RobinHood-style ‘investor protection’ ideas or restrictions, and they are always open. Keeping assets liquid and under your control at all times on BinanceSmartChain (BSC) is an amazing thing.

I’m a (passive) member of both WallStreetBets and SatoshiStreetBets and now hodl Gamestop and 500 Dogecoin ($DOGE), just on principle.

I’m not throwing money around; I don’t own enough. I will keep an eye on SatoshiStreetBets, but… I’ve been here before. I can only (afford) to be interested in long-term investing in early tokens on BSC, including BNB token itself.

My piece of advice with crypto etc. is: If you do buy into early or cheap projects now and then, go for projects you use, need or love. Plus some fun or interesting ones too. And also those you can stake to earn fees/governance rewards. And… never sell them …until they’ve achieved or found their value. Take a bit of profit, only if you must.

I had the UNI airdrop, but needed to sell them. They’re now worth around 14 euros each. But it’s ok, as I’ve made other gains, and I’m not selling until the last moment in this market.

Last week, I bought shares of Amazon and Tesla via Pancakeswap exchange, and am now providing liquidity for both.

I didn’t use ‘RobinHood’ or any mobile phone trading app / service. I’m using De-fi is amazing.

Jan 2021


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