Treasureland: PancakeSwap NFT

(you don’t own a Sunny NFT until you – digitally – own it!)

BSC NFT marketplace websites will soon start to multiply.

Hopefully some of the major ones (Makersplace, Cargo, Opensea…) will integrate over time, since we’re seeing an explosion of activity with BSC.

Right now, a BSC or BinanceSmartChain NFT marketplace which I like is: Treasureland. It features an array of popular BSC-project related NFTs to collect.

I bought 2 ‘Sunny’ Pancakeswap NFTs there using the BNB token. I would expect this range of Pancakeswap NFTs to be valuable in the future.

I’m selling one for 10 BNB right now. You can buy directly here.

Welcome to Treasureland

Check out how easy and cheap it is to use Treasureland, compared to Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces, which are missing out on regular users and collectors, due to high gas fees.

However, as yet there are no options for minting your own NFTs, curation, artist store creation etc. Artists will have to look elsewhere, such as BakerySwap, which is only a side feature.

NFT ownership and trading is set to expand in 2021, but it won’t just be artwork and cards, it will be due to other smart features which see them evolve into programmable items for any crypto / web3 wallet.

BinanceSmartChain rare NFTs

I’m comfortable using BSC. It’s not yet decentralised as Ethereum, but I’m happy with Binance moving in the same direction as Ethereum.

If you’re interested in collecting an unofficial PancakeSwap NFT (by me) minted on Ethereum pre-2021 price explosion, then you see this post.

Feb 2021


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