RIP John McAfee

It’s strange to consider that John McAfee is no longer around, since he was always catching headlines including those relating to tech trends, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He was a good source of sound bytes and memes too.

Whatever financial wrongdoings and mistakes made, he was clearly an influencer, outsider and an early computer pioneer with interesting, (quite) informed, relevant opinions, ever-enthusiastic on the Bitcoin revolution. It’s unfortunate that he became known for being too enthusiastic and promoting poor coin projects, once the big wave of late 2017 kicked in.

Catch this interview in Feb 2017 where he talks influentially on the subject, despite erring on the side of an over-cautious approach to wallets and security as ever.

However, three years on from this interview, hacks are still prevalent, although currently more at the protocol or smart contract coding level.

Note: The interview is set to begin half way, just before the question about blockchain tech, but the first half is relevant about the need for a ‘new cloud’ storage solution also.

RIP John McAfee.

July 2021


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