‘The Green Knight’

Release: now / 2021
Representation of the Green Knight (Everipedia)

What does the Green Knight represent in Arthurian mythology? (Hallowquest Tarot app)

  • Nature. Challenge. Ignorance. Self-limitation. Inflexibility. Unconscious fears realised. Stagnation. Selfishness. Creative possibilities ignored.
    Reversed: Release from captivity. Overcoming fear. Temptations avoided.

What does Merlin represent?

  • Creative impulse. Imaginative insight. Mastery through disciplined skill. Initiative. Self-confidence. Perception on all levels. Alignment to the magic of life patterns.
    Reversed: Over-confidence. Self-serving trickster.

It’s interesting to see the graphic designer/marketing choosing red instead of green.
The director was also partly inspired by ‘The Dark Crystal’ for the production quality.

‘when honor meant everything
when courage made kings’

‘Excalibur’ (1981)
John Boorman

August 2021


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