Moonpot ($POTS)

A new, promising project has arrived on the BSC, powered by the trusted, professional Beefy.Finance team.

Want to enter (or withdraw) to a lottery, and earn interest even if you lose? Want to be entered automatically to lotteries every week? This is the power of Moonpot. Want to create your own lottery and raise funds for a token in this way? Want to help make important decisions about the future of Moonpot, and vote on future lotteries and protocol dynamics? Join the community….

That’s right, it’s a ‘no-loss lottery’ project, similar to PoolTogether (Ethereum), tapping into this potential area of (more trusted, more community-run) innovation only enabled by decentralised finance / blockchain. It could make traditional lotteries a thing of the (inflexible) past. [Note: the $POOL governance token has maintained good price value.]

In the Moonpot dapp, you can currently stake (or unstake) your $POTS to earn interest and still get a chance to win the jackpot of different tokens (10 winners).

You can also stake $CAKE to earn interest in $CAKE and $POTS (5 winners)

These pots will be replaced/updated over time, and there will also be Community Pots which get voted and added by the community.

Note: Take care to check the fees associated with adding or removing funds into the prize Pots. Also, there’ll be timelocks on when you can do this for obvious reasons.

If you don’t wish to enter the Pots, of course you can still hodl or support the token itself by providing liquidity long-term…

Liquidity for the POTS token comes right now via ApeSwap, where you can stake BANANA to earn POTS in the Pools.
You can also provide liquidity in BNB and POTS to earn BANANA on ApeSwap, or take those LP tokens to stake into Beefy.Finance to auto-grow both in the vaults.

On Pancakeswap, you can provide liquidity with POTS and BUSD, at time of writing.

Note: At time of writing, the project is early stage so DYOR re: security, audit and smart contract risk. Provided security is maintained, and without considering Bitcoin and market swings, Ade’s Press recommends the Moonpot $POTS token as a good investment. Current price $3.16 (8/21).



Stay tuned to Ade’s Crypto Press for more special project highlights, sporadic maybe, but personally selected. Also check Refinable to see if a Moonpot NFT by Ade’s Press is still available.

August 2021


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