News of ‘Fountellion’ + free TELL Airdrops

‘A Personal Invitation’

Followers of this blog will get updates about ‘NFT concept’ project ‘Fountellion in The Spiral‘ – a green metaverse + VR game concept I’ve written about, previously.

It’s always been tied in – somehow – to crypto, blockchain, but it was early 2018 that I had ‘finished’ a lot of the game design. Various ideas have been related: ‘organic NFTs’ for one thing, or finding fragments of a lost game-book (as NFT) inside a virtual game-world, or owning an ‘insight’ on completion, or owning actual parts of the fabric itself or biome itself….

A whole metaverse ‘lab’ for nature games, seems possible.

It’s 2021, and I’ve been updating, and migrating some of the ideas again.

And so…

I’ve put together a ‘fractional NFT’ featuring the ‘Core Aspects‘ of Fountellion (minted via Rarible).

There is also a special collection on Opensea (you can also just search ‘Fountellion’ there for various collectibles too).


The Opensea Collection is a ‘concept NFT’ collection where you can support a future community of holders or ‘keepers’ to help build out the game+project. Since all the writings and ideas are CC0 or public domain, anyone can mint their own NFTs under the same tags, to fit into the ‘green metaverse’ idea and expand it.


If you like the project/ideas then also check out the Medium publication, read up, and consider getting more involved in the details of what such a ‘simulation’ would be like, combined with game mechanics.

I’m looking for (preferably) writers, artists, designers, online community-organisers who might want to contribute (and invest) some time into the future of it.

Drop me a message (via Contact page) and some info about you, and also be considered for a free piece of Fountellion itself (via TELL token), so before it ever really exists, you can be in already, and then help to make it exist….

Read the new early Gitbook community pages too. You should be into nature, and virtual worlds(!)


Best wishes,

Ade mc


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