The ‘Organic Metaverse’ NFT Collections

Welcome players. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across one of my diverse NFTs (or collections) featuring unique images minted primarily on Polygon in 2022:

  • Organic Metaverse (Free Roam, Polygon Opensea: unique items)
  • Organic Metaverse (Super Editions 1/5s) on Ethereum
  • Organic Metaverse (Matic Editions: unique items) on Polygon for MATIC
    (see also the Refinable store, also with Fantasy AI artwork.)
  • Some pieces also minted on Ethereum via Makersplace.
  • And a Fantasy AI collection using some of the above photographs to explore nature-infused visions of the past, present and future (minted via Rarible for MATIC).

What are they primarily? They are personal explorations of the natural world, with video-game style ‘open world’ elements. Text ‘hints’ may aid visual exploration or help to see the ‘gameified’ idea.

peas on a pod from the 'organic metaverse'

They are expressive collections of personal art + photography experiments, celebrating and exploring nature, plants and natural forms 2021-2022.

Also inspired by: concepts of virtual simulations of Nature. I hope to feature some VR-based captures/models.

Owners/collectors: may use the content as they wish, including elaborate upon it, or via the creation of 3D models – and also AI manipulated derivatives (which can be sold as separate NFTs).

(Exact copies obviously prohibited).

A credit is always much appreciated, even if the rendered manipulation appears v. different. Who knows, I may even collect your AI manipulation!

On the subject of AI generated art: these collections do anticipate the rise of AI manipulation. I hope to release my own collection of selected photos I’ve manipulated via AI apps or AI photo websites. Stay tuned!

Read a bit more via Medium

Whatever the case, it’s hoped the work in these collections may provide useful reference & inspiration.

Are you a collector? Join/share your piece on Discord , Twitter #OrganicMetaverse etc. and any thoughts/feedback.

See also: ‘Fountellion in the Spiral’ collection (a game project/idea set within a living virtual world: boreal biome).


Dec 2021-2022.

Update: the collection also relates/ties in with my outdoor project and blog ‘Nature Notes‘ (read Medium blog entry).


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