‘Organic Metaverse’ Collection

A new, ‘evolving’ NFT series minted on Polygon via Opensea:

peas on a pod from the 'organic metaverse'

An ongoing, expressive collection of personal art experiments, celebrating and exploring nature, plants and natural forms 2021+…

Also inspired by: concepts of virtual simulations of Nature. I hope to feature some VR-based captures/models, besides 2D sketches.

Owners/collectors: may use the content as they wish, including elaborate upon it, or via the creation of 3D models.
(Exact copies obviously prohibited).
It’s hoped this collection can provide useful reference & inspiration.

See also: ‘Fountellion in the Spiral’ collection (a game project/idea set within a living virtual world: boreal biome).


Dec 2021.

Update: the collection also ties in with my outdoor project and blog ‘Nature Notes‘.


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