How to buy Polygon NFTs on Opensea (etc)

explore Polygon NFTs via Opensea Marketplace

I’m currently creating more art as NFTs onto Polygon since Ethereum transactions will remain high for a while.

I’m a fan of this network and think it will stand the test of time, especially via its existing integration with Opensea, and some major dapps and projects implementing it.

Familiar users of Opensea buying expensive NFTs and paying expensive Ethereum gas fees, only have a few steps to ‘get into’ buying/selling Polygon NFTs, and there are some great opportunities and popular collections minted entirely on it, including Zed Run and Aavegotchi.

Easy Steps!

Using this website in tandem, will help you achieve the following:

  • update your Metamask with Polygon network settings (use this link to automate that.)
  • switch between networks (Ethereum or Polygon) easily in your MetaMask settings.
  • ‘bridge’ some Ethereum to Polygon using the Bridge section (it will arrive as WETH on Polygon).
  • you’ll need some ETH and MATIC in your wallet (same address as your Ethereum address) for making transactions on either network.

Note: The transaction fee (in ETH) for bridging ETH to WETH can still be high, so make sure you’re bridging a significant amount to make it worthwhile.

Note: If you find using Metamask for different networks confusing then you can use a separate Polygon wallet if you want (but I recommend Metamask and just switching).

Now you can….

  • spend your WETH to buy any Polygon NFTs on Opensea (look for the Polygon symbol or use the filter). You can also use USDC.
  • you can view your Polygon account (tokens) wallet contents on the Opensea site too.
  • any polygon NFTs you buy/collect will appear in your profile next to Ethereum ones.


Interesting PolygonNFT projects to explore




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