NFTs certified by The British Museum

LaCollection site 2022

So far, two ground-breaking collections of limited edition NFTs on Ethereum have been released, for artists Katsushika Hokusai and JMW Turner.

This is via the website LaCollection.

I’ve picked up a Hokusai but the Turner ones are too pricey for me. You get a high resolution image of these classic works of art, registered on the blockchain.

You can simply log-in via web3, Metamask etc to the LaCollection site, which also has its own marketplace section for buy now or auctions ongoing. Read the FAQ section too.

Otherwise you can check out Opensea, so far the Hokusai collection on the secondary market.


It’s worth noting the perks. Owning one NFT can grant users access to private sales of future collections on the site. You can also get printed, framed versions of your NFTs etc.

Stay tuned to LaCollection Twitter.


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