Nature Notes (+ NFTs)

‘Nature Notes (+NFTs)’ : combing two things I love exploring

Gardening, permaculture, rewilding, growing, planting… this keeps me sane, healthy and in contact with reality/environment.

It also helps my ‘Organic Metaverse’ NFT photo/art project on Opensea (Polygon) in which I ‘explore’ nature and its forms and details, via art and expressionism.

So… I thought why not combine them more? for a new blogsite:

Nature Notes and NFTs’ where readers can collect an NFT and help me make more posts/art — and do outdoor work — in SW France.

Sometimes NFT sales go directly towards trips to buy plants, and produce posts.

NFT + image +?

What do collectors get? Well, at present they get a unique or rare artwork / image created personally by me. They get to see a post where that artwork might be featured, and actually taking root in the ground. (Many NFTs will be inspired by particular plants being covered).

At present, that’s it, but any collector can of course comment and help to enhance posts on the site. Also… their address will be noted for possible future art airdrops or something more, in the future, if we introduce a web3 log-in and other giveaways.

It will just be good to show how my NFTs can connect with the real world in this personal way, explore nature, and offset (a bit) any environmental impact I have as somebody who makes, collects and relies on them for extra income.

Please follow the blog ! and even collect something.

Many of the NFTs will be around the $50 mark, but this will depend on the time and effort and rarity.


March 2022


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