The Organic MV (Fantasy AI) collection

An extra NFT art collection that ties into the existing Organic Metaverse NFT collections is now open…

‘Selected, unique, AI-generated experiments exploring and celebrating organic forms for fantasy art, game-worlds and general escapist intrigue…’

NFT from the OrganicMV fantasyAI art collection...
‘The Game Guide’ unique nft collectible produced via AI + OrganicMetaverse photoart
…and the original source image (NFT on opensea) from which the above is derived.

It’s just the beginning for Nature or Green Art + AI (+ NFT)… Each image here is generated (using the Dream app by Wombo) from an original source image and then (personally) directed to produce something moving towards an imaginary or surprising place… towards something cohesive, habitable, playable, emotional… or just awesome.

For the source images, items of original photography or art were chosen from my Organic Metaverse collections on Polygon and Ethereum. (Note: collectors of any of these items also have the right to create and sell their own AI-generated NFTs under the OrganicMV title.)

I’m a regular supporter of the World Wildlife Fund FR (needed now more than ever), and will donate a portion of sales from this collection to WWF.

If you’re not prepared to buy right now at asking price, just add an item to Favorites (heart icon, which helps the collection) or place a new bid!

The OrganicMV (FantasyAI) is minted via Rarible. You can also view and pay with MATIC using my Refinable Store.

The collection will grow and evolve throughout 2022.
Drop your ETH/Poly address to me via Twitter DM for an additional free NFT, in 2022 only, for existing collectors of any of my previous artwork.

Keep green folks, and carry on 🙂

ade mc
July 2022


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