Heterosis NFT project

A quick highlight of this latest NFT project by Mat Collishaw, Danil Krivoruchko.

As a big fan of nature-orientated NFTs , including those trying some new things, or even pushing the boundaries of their dynamic potential, this project came up on my radar.

At time of writing, there’s about 7 hours left until the public mint, where there should be over 400 flower items available.

(Check out the project via the OG Art site at bottom of this post.)

Heterosis is developing further the breeding potential of NFTs since CryptoKitties.

I also like: the overgrown National Gallery (London) concept, where the NFTs will be ‘present’.

What is Heterosis?

What really interests me is – one day perhaps – a whole fabric (such as Fountellion) of genetic-style coded NFTs growing in a persistent, virtual metaverse which evolves as our own, according to environmental factors. The purpose of those wouldn’t be to collect, but to grow and ‘live’ inside games etc.

OG art site

Collection on Opensea for secondary sales




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