Swap Your Crypto here at Ade’s Press DEX

Ade’s Crypto Press Decentralised Exchange works with your browser (MetaMask etc.) and is always open.

Here it is, so give it a try! You can type in the bars to search for particular tokens.

Swap your tokens below to get the best prices across all decentralized crypto exchanges.

Any issues? You might need to close some tabs to free up more memory for your browser wallet. Other issues just let me know.

More info…

Now fully operational thanks to the excellent WordPress plug-in WPcryptoexchange.com (featured in online news), comes the Ade’s Crypto Press DEX for swapping your ETH and tokens directly on the site. It works with all your favourite web3 wallets, like MetaMask.

Fees… are only 3% in total, 1.5% going towards Ade’s Press.

I aim to include it underneath posts where I’m highlighting some project or other, giving people the instant option of filling their wallets with shiny coin relating to that particular post.

About a DEX…

If you’re wandering what a Decentralised Exchange is, it’s a way to swap tokens in your crypto wallet securely without them leaving your wallet via an intermediary. Transactions are automatically confirmed via Ethereum blockchain.

Note: If you’re interested in adding this great crypto plug-in to your WP blog, the process was simple to complete with no hitches. Just follow the instructions at www.wpcryptoexchange.com/.

est. June 2020

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