Start or Follow a crypto strategy on Iconomi

If you’re not already a member of Iconomi, you can sign up using this invitation link and follow the “AdesCryptoPress” Strategy. Don’t worry, you can invest any amount you like (via fiat or bitcoin, eth etc) and withdraw any time you like.

Of course, there are small management, performance and exit fees, since your funds will be following my changes to a basket of cryptos.

On the whole, I take a long-term view in relatively safe, but what I consider to be strong, projects. However, I do make changes when things are happening, but am sure to update via the platform notifications. Or posts on this blog.

I have experience of the crypto market going back to Jan 2018, when everything started to crash, and that year taught me some lessons.

The Iconomi site itself – and mobile app – are both crisp, clear and well-designed.

Why invest?

  • It’s a great way to easily invest in crypto without worrying about wallets, keys, or trading.
  • You can rapidly (or slowly – since you get options for this) enter or exit the strategy at any time.
  • The platform algorithms can get the best prices.
  • You can track the fund clearly and easily using the Iconomi website or v. decent mobile app.

Why not?

Some disadvantages in investing like this is that you’re entrusting the Iconomi site to safely hold your assets for you. But, you can research the platform as you like.

Also, by not ‘hodling’ network platform tokens like ETH, EOS etc. in their intended personal app wallets then you may miss out on automatic airdrops of dapp token projects, the option of experimenting and interacting with dapps themselves plus other staking, voting or gas reward benefits. These days you can gain passive income via interest, lending, staking on many projects at other sites.

However… you could make more by following a trading strategy, especially smaller investors.

Also, it’s wise to diversify, and this is a great way to do it.

‘Ade’s Crypto Press’ Strategy

I started the fund / strategy on 27th June 2019 with 200 euros (minimum buy-in is 100 euros depending on structure).

example chart of fund performance

performance chart on dashboard (July 2019)

fund structure crypto chart example

fund structure chart (July 2019)

I think you may need to be a member to view the current charts etc.

So… Sign up and follow along! which will also support Ade’s Press.

Contact me directly if you’ve any questions, or to check whether it’s a good time to buy in first.


Longer-HODL portfolio

You can also view my ‘Keep Calm + HODL on portfolio, which is more a ‘virtual portfolio’ of all projects in which I’m interested. Compiled Jan 2019 +

New update: August 2020.

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