Latest – and free – editions are live on different sites, mainly wattpad so I can still make occasional edits or updates.

‘SPIRAL’ series (Gamelit / Sci-fi)

Cover for 'In the Spiral' VR stories
  • ‘In The Spiral – Connected Stories and Fragments from the Virtual Future’
    (wattpad and Medium.)
cover for 'Fountellion'
  • ‘Fountellion in the Spiral’
  • The Nature of the Game and Progression One
  • Progression Two
    (wattpad and Medium.)

[For more on ‘The Spiral’ + VR ‘game’ project see also Spiral Times website.]


The Wildness Within and the Tree of Eyes



  • ‘Gathered on This Beach’ –
    Poems & Perspectives for a Converging World
  • ‘At the Far Tor’ (Devon poems) – on wattpad
  • ‘In Ash on the Sand’ (Last Burnt Poems) – on wattpad and Medium
image for 'in ash on the sand' poems

 ART books (rare/unpublished)

  • Ade’s Book of Mind Comes to Mind or ‘Seeing Squares’
  • ‘Greenwise’ Artwork (see Lulu shop)
  • A Book of Embertime
  • A ‘Greenwise’ Wedding Guestbook


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