I’ve got a few books I’ve actually managed to ‘finish’.
(Other works are only available on specific sites online as they’re works in progress, but where you can still read, follow or contribute to them!)

Published under Ade McOran-Campbell on Amazon:

  • ‘In the Spiral — Connected Stories and Fragments from the Virtual Future’ (kindle only)

Cover for 'In the Spiral' VR stories

  • ‘Fountellion in the Spiral — The Nature of the Game and Progression One’
    (currently available on Wattpad)

cover for 'Fountellion'

For more on ‘The Spiral’ project see also Spiral Times page.



The Wildness Within and the Tree of Eyes

  • ‘Gathered on This Beach’ – Poems & Perspectives for a Converging World (kindle and paperback)

gathered cover image

Art books (rare/unpublished):

  • Ade’s Book of Mind Comes to Mind or ‘Seeing Squares’
  • ‘Greenwise’ Artwork
  • A Book of Embertime
  • A Greenwise Wedding Guestbook