Cent: monetize your posts and get ‘seeded’?

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What I like about CENT [not to be confused with Cent.io crypto staking earning site – to be covered another time] are the new updates which bring a much clearer interface, cool logo, and the simple way you can ‘seed’ or get seeded. Eh, what’s this seeding thing? This is the ‘patreon’ aspect or ‘universal creative income’ concept (nice catchphrase).

Basically, with some Eth in your wallet, you can tip anyone at the top right corner of their posts, or you can ‘seed’ them a regular payment to support their work or project, via their personal profile.

So, Cent is a cool dapp for sharing anything, and it’s nicely integrated with mobile crypto wallets like Metamask, Trust etc. or via web browser (with web3 wallet).

When you post something, it costs a dollar, (or more if you wish) to reward the best reply to your post, so you must pick the winning comment at some point. This obviously incentivizes interaction with the platform and good comments, and promotes better quality posts.

I’m not sure if this will always be the best way to do it. Still, it’s interesting for now. I guess you don’t need moderators because people spending money to post, just won’t get anything out of it. But people are cunning. You’ll get a lot of ‘pity me’ posts and con artists without any real thing going on.

Handy: You can ‘bookmark’ posts or artwork that you like, and there’s also a chat area, where you can invite users.

Sign-up / Log-in

Whereas before it was anonymous, now you must now sign up, and this links to your Eth wallet address. This now associates you with your wallet, which is a shame. However,  it’s a sign the platform is recognising it needs to evolve, and grow, which it clearly is.

It also feels a lot faster than before.

A Platform to Watch….

As ever, there are some dull posts, and people commenting just for the sake of commenting and getting picked for winning posts, but it’s best to ignore this aspect, and find the interesting, genuine posts and people, of whom there are many, and follow them.

Followed posts will appear first when you next enter Cent, along with tons of categories to browse.

Ade’s Press on Cent

Now and then I plan to use it post artwork and new NFTs. I love that there’s a special button for adding your NFTs to new posts. I also like the editor, which allows you to add ‘blocks’ of content to your posts.

Cent could turn into another big platform for creatives and artists to get regular rewards for their work. It’s certainly easier to use than Steemit, and more accessible. I’ll find out the more I use it, and update with more info.

Check out the Ade’s Press page here! and even Seed me to support more crypto adventures and artwork.


Cent on Cent (why not seed and support the platform!)

Cent on Medium and Twitter


June 2020

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