Create NFTs on Binance Smart Chain (via BakerySwap)

This follows on from my previous posts about BSC / BinanceSmartChain opportunities on the emerging AMM / token swap / de-fi platforms like: PancakeSwap, BakerySwap etc. etc…

These marketplaces are still in their infancy, but it’s exciting to see the new option to mint an NFT on BakerySwap onto BSC network. It’s cheaper, faster process than on Ethereum that’s for sure.

[So, if you’re an artist, you can read how to mint NFTs via BakerySwap on their Medium article.]

Are you a collector? You can check out 2 special edition Ade’s Press NFTs I’ve recently minted for the NFT Supermarket, you can buy just with $BAKE.

Link to the BAKE NFT Pioneer NFT
Link to the BAKE: No Starry Night NFT

Owning an NFT may yield as yet unknown benefits in the future, for those who HODL them. Looking at what Cargo are doing with NFTs is exciting, and I’ve been scattering their GEMS inside many NFTs to earn staking rewards.

PancakeSwap NFTs

PancakeSwap meantime are giving users the chance to register to win one of their own special NFTs. Hopefully this too will lead on to them building a unique NFT space for artists.

What is an NFT?

It’s still a good question. You can explore or search in this blogsite for more posts.

If you’re thinking of creating an NFT, it’s interesting to consider what an NFT should or could be, or what platform it’s on. For major artworks, obviously we still need a ‘fine art’ platform for collecting like Makersplace, to integrate BSC.

An NFT should do something for their owners: move them, mark an occasion, give them access to something, provide information or be something memorable or original. They can be something rare where they form part of a series to collect. They will evolve as the space evolves… Sky is the limit.

Dec 2020

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