‘HODL BADGE’ NFT: CafeSwap Finance

Ade’s Press CryptoMagic Hodl Badge NFT: CafeSwap Finance

screenshot version

Only 2 editions created via Juggernaut Marketplace onto BSC as tribute to CafeSwap.Finance and $BREW token hodlers 2021.

Available for purchase with BNB.

An original re-vamped ‘cafe-art‘ photo-art piece to apply to CafeSwap Finance, a fresh AMM in the vein of SushiSwap, Pancakeswap etc. on BinanceSmartChain which currently includes its own Dex, Vaults, Lottery and Yield Farming.

NFT rights: present owners of this image may utilise full-res version on websites, print out etc. or trade on. Note: an animated / movie version of this may also exist or be minted.

Price of $BREW token at April 2021 : $4.37

Visit CafeSwap.Finance
Read CafeSwap Medium blog
Current price of BREW on Coinmarketcap

See more @ Ade’s Press Juggernaut NFT page

April 2021

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