Meditations on ABZU


In the style of Journey, Flower etc. comes… Abzu, simply a short, atmospheric video game set underwater. The strengths from former titles have been utilised.

The great thing is its level of detail and ease of play with immersive, fluid controls.


It’s a spiritual and at times thrilling ride under the waves, graphically beautiful and musically rich. The sea creatures you swim with are named and varied, providing a little educational content for young ones, and the artistic vision it presents holds the attention well.

There is nothing difficult about the exploratory level-style and there is a nice touch with the ‘meditation’ feature, allowing us to revisit the game later through a sort of camera-communion with the underwater sea-life. This is a nice feature now that these games are getting so pretty.

First 7 mins on YOUTUBE…

It would all make for a great Virtual Reality experience too.


What’s next for the game developers… Jungle and trees? Save the Rainforest?

(Note from Super Worlds. Or read about the game on Wikipedia)


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