Ade’s super-list of crypto-powered decentralised social networks

promoting new crypto social networks

If Facebook goes down due to an outage or a company issue, all your data can be lost, if it’s not already been sold.

Enter blockchain or cryptocurrency-powered ‘social network’ sites. You have the keys, you own your content, and it’s distributed across many computers or ‘nodes’. Not only this, but you can earn cryptocurrency from content that forms a part of the network platform and even a larger ecosystem of value (like, say a vending machine that requires a special token provides different services).

Many of these projects are attempting to grow value for their platform via their native tokens by introducing different ways to reward decent content and long-term engagement including new projects that expand their ecosystems.


With any social network, especially decentralised ones, censorship and governance remain important concerns. Some of the more mature ones offer ways for well-engaged participants to get involved. ‘Offensive’ content will still be attached (on-chain) to the history of the user who posted, but it may never be ‘seen’ if it gets flagged by another, or by the owners of the project.


Alt. Blockchains etc: – re-vamped social hub for the TUBEs coin is looking good, complete with facebook-style profile pages and membership options. Download app here. – nice blogging platform on EOS, with Medium-style qualities. Scatter etc. log-in.

Murmur – EOS micro-blogging platform. Scatter log-in etc. – serious community-run content platform with focus on ‘Niches’. Earn NRVE points on Neo Blockchain. See our review. – Ethereum-based Pinterest-style format. Can use MetaMask for cent wallet. Interesting concept of seeding for finding valuable content. – free-speech orientated platform with rewards via Ethereum-based token.

Trybe – content and learning platform with customisable profile pages built on EOS.

SocialX – incoming community-run social network for photos and video.

Sapien – community-run content platform where you can earn SPN token and shop at marketplace.

Somee – earn SOMEE on somee blockchain. Similar to STEEM. Well integrated log-in for traditional social networks. [Glitchy though and missing features.] – earn BCH (bitcoin cash) for posting immutable messages to bitcoin cash network. Own your data. and PiePie app – porting to Binance Chain, this app allows you to ‘mine Mith’ by posting short videos/pics like a monetized instagram.

PublishOx – content publishing platform integrating a ‘crypto-agnostic’ approach. Easy log-in via traditional networks.

Inkdrop – Ethereum/IPFS free speech network platform.


Steem Blockchain: – earn Steem crypto for blogging and content discovery. The best explorer for organising your decentralised postings on Steem. – earn Steem via this alternative blockchain explorer focused for special interests/communities. Easy log-in for existing steemians. – random pics and postings. Easy log-in for existing steemians. – mobile app for photo-sharing. Steem blockchain.


Other related: – this is not decentralised but it integrates lifetime Bitcoin Cash rewards by voting on content and paywalls. See also for integrating this into your own websites. – microblogging feature and tipping to monetize your channels and posts for XRP, similar to Brave+BAT. You’ll need to register your existing social media accounts like Youtube. Also connects with accounts on


And there be more…… 

Got any to suggest that you’re using? Send them in ! or comment on Telegram.

Last update: April 2019