Now earn PHX for contributing to ‘Crypto Pulse’

The Red Pulse platform is clearly sophisticated, with a well-designed, professional interface.

It rewards writers or contributors with PHX token for market news or insights on the Asian markets. This incentivised system is encouraging quality research and consumption.

It’s an ‘ecosystem’ for trusted news and information with a much-needed focus for cutting down on fake news and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). This is thanks to its PHOENIX platform, on the NEO blockchain.

The Red Pulse ecosystem runs on top of PHOENIX, a next generation token and infrastructure that utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to provide Proof of Creation, Proof of Ownership, regulatory compliance, IP protection, and accountability.

The token price should see some steady long-term growth as more engagement comes to the platform, finally allowing writers and insiders to earn for writing either ‘Pulses’ (news) or ‘Insights’ (features, opinions).

The amount you can earn depends on how much content you post, the quality of your content, and how popular your content is.

Another feature of this ecosystem is that you can also, for example, pay with PHX to contact an expert contributor or analyst directly.

It may also be used for accessing different levels of expertise, or early access.


You don’t have to be a contributor. You can still support the platform by ‘staking’ any PHX tokens you’ve bought from many leading crypto exchanges.

I’ve had some PHX in my secure wallet on the platform for some time now, staked and ‘fired up’ into PHF token. [You can read my previous article here: ‘Red Pulse Phoenix and staking into PHF‘ and the Keep Calm and HODL On portfolio.]

Crypto Pulse arrives: anti-FUD to the rescue…

Crypto Pulse logo

Just recently, it’s launched Crypto Pulse, which is a section dedicated to the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

The sign-up process was very simple and easy. There was one form to complete on this page: Become a Contributor and I now have access to my own ‘Note’ writing dashboard and workspace.


However, if you don’t have a Red Pulse account, you’ll need to create one first.


There are other content platform ecosystems leveraging the trust that comes from blockchain technology.

Trybe (on EOS) is a general one but also with a focus on cryptocurrency learning and opinion. However, it’s taking a while to get going and is in the process of a re-design. is a wikipedia rival on EOS, which uses the IQ token to enable and reward serious contributions. There are high hopes that Everipedia will never suffer from the Wikipedia funding problem if it can capture the growth it needs.


‘Crypto Pulse is ready’ article on Medium

May 2019

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