Red Pulse Phoenix (PHX) and staking into (PHF)

Red Pulse Phoenix is an early, promising project of the NEO blockchain, with the potential to offer better access to better knowledge and insight, especially for complex areas such as Chinese markets.

Where will its PHX token have an impact? Steadily, where it should foster a more trustworthy way for knowledge and insight to reach those who search for it transparently, as opposed to acquiring it from illegal (or insider) sources.

[PHX] will power a brand new content production, distribution, and consumption platform focused initially on China’s capital markets. Our vision is to grow our current services into a direct-incentivization ecosystem facilitated by the [PHX] token, creating a network that connects supply and demand for financial information powered by state of the art blockchain technology.

It’s already looking for contributors to start writing on the Red Pulse platform and building their reputations in return for PHX.

Also coming is… Crypto Pulse, a new platform for the token with a focus on:

breaking news and research content for crypto markets. Members will be able to view and contribute market-moving signals (Pulses), technical analysis, and in-depth reports on cryptocurrencies and ICO projects.

To conclude, with the growth of the Red Pulse ecosystem, its PHX token could one day be as valuable as the (more trusted) information it will grant access to.

Other trustworthy knowledge platforms are emerging

The internet is seeing a number of similar platforms whose potential should only increase in user-numbers, contributors and value this year, as they begin to present more reviews, opinions and independent insights. This should reduce negatives such as spam accounts, fake news and false information.

This is made possible thanks to cryptocurrency and blockchain, where user accounts are linked to (often KYC or verified) wallets and earn tokens and can vote up the more valuable the posts reviewed by the community. In general, it will become harder for those without actually something to write about, or with some long-lasting focus or expertise, to get noticed online.

Information is beginning to carry financial weight, and projects where we can see this happening have mostly focused so far around the subject of cryptocurrency itself.

Examples: Everipedia and Trybe (both EOS), Steemit (cryptocurrency and journal-style perspective),, Revain….

The end of the free internet? The end of adverts?

No. Even after the advent of these new ‘ecosystems’, where so much more (quality) is possible or can be offered or incentivised, I think there will still space for traditional or centralised projects to find their place and carry a user-base. It’s just that now there is a new tech in town, and one that will be especially suitable for areas where trust is essential.

Staking PHX into PHF

Red Pulse Phoenix obviously wants to foster the growth of its token and future platforms by rewarding its contributors and supporters. Therefore you can now ‘fire up’ your PHX tokens by staking them in your account and official wallet at the main site. You will then be rewarded depending on how many you keep staked there. Inflation returns are then distributed between stakers, and those contributing content. See link below for full details:

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