‘Coffee Time’

photo art image of beachfront coffee scene

Recently sold on Makersplace.com

I’m posting my MP sales activity mainly so i can keep track of my work sold. This piece is now ‘out of my hands’, like a physical work would be. I may retain the original file, but this token is a one-off.

I’ll be posting on this blog new pieces that I mint when I can, on sale (especially any I like myself!)

Artists/sellers/buyers/collectors have some good features available on Makersplace. It’s one of many apps that link to Opensea etc.


It’s exciting times for artists and collectors. We’re at the very beginning! And sites like Opensea and Makersplace are leading the way.

For more, read this (now updated) previous post about tokenising your art onto Ethereum, and my experiments so far beyond Makersplace.

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