Trust Wallet: My referral offer for free TWT tokens!

Get to know your Trust Wallet and all its features

Ade’s Press recommends Trust Wallet for storing crypto, for dapp interaction, staking, switching between multiple wallets / networks and for buying and swapping crypto.

You should create your Trust multi-coin wallet, but you can import any Metamask wallet into the app of course (since all accounts are on-chain anyway!)

My referral link offer will give you: 125 TWT following a purchase of $50 crypto using the app.

What does Ade’s Press get? I also get 125 TWT tokens! So you can support this blog. I’m not sure how long Trust will run this offer again, so act quickly.


The TWT token will have value within the app. Read more about it here.

All users of the app can have a say in how it gets developed, including voting on or proposing new features and assets.

Check the full crypto-offers page for more.

Oct 2020

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