What is BitBounce? How to earn passive CREDO

In short, BitBounce is an email spam-trapper that automatically intercepts spam, at the same time as requesting payment to spammers in crypto (CREDO) for access.

This means advertisers (or these random spammers) will have to pay to get through to you, allowing you to earn ‘passive income’ from those who, for once, really want to.

This could be a very promising concept, set up by Bitcoin billionaire bull Tim Draper, although it’s also a feature present in the Earn app. However, Bitbounce is very easy to ‘initiate’, with simple Google etc log-in, although it means trusting Bitbounce with access rights to your email account. If you are willing to trust them, you’ll find they’ve gone to the trouble to make the whole process seamless and automatic. In fact, there was little, if anything, I had to do or adjust.

image demo of BitBounce dashboard

You’ll get your own well-designed browser dashboard, and there’s an optional, accompanying mobile app and browser plug-in. Both provide control over your Whitelist, providing notifications of any new paid messages. It also allows you to modify the price to charge spammers, the auto-message and option to add other email accounts.

Your Whitelist is automatically synced with your existing contacts, which means there is nothing to do after logging in.

Yes, you have an in-built Credo wallet in your dashboard, that links to Credoex exchange.

May 2019


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