Short Book: ‘The Wildness Within and the Tree of Eyes’

A short, symbolic story for young adults (and above) about seeing through different eyes.



[I can’t find who made this image but it’s great. Just lacks a great looming shadow of the tree.]


One morning a strange eye-like object appears in the bedroom of an ordinary young boy. It soon leads him outside into the world of nature and towards a tree that is… certainly no ordinary tree…

‘A short, imaginative, spiritual tale about seeing. It concerns our place within a changing, evolving world and within the mystery of nature. It concerns an attempt at understanding our own (creative) nature; the body and the mind that motivates us. It is an attempt to belong and find peace of mind in a world increasingly inspired but altered by scientific understanding.’

It’s available on Amazon Kindle (small price), and as a paperback.
It’s also now free on Wattpad.


alt. cover concept


original cover concept


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