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Illustration, photo-art, NFTs etc.

Ade's Greenwise Art Store

The Ade’s Press Zazzle Store is always open

  • Please visit my ZAZZLE shop which also features:
    • Crypto-Magic – Bitcoin & cryptocurrency-related items including ‘CoinLight’ Info-cards, HODL-cards, reference wallets and items you can customise with QR codes and your own text or crypto logos.
    • Nature-inspired (‘Greenwise’) – nature, evolution, permaculture etc. various.
    • Ade’s Press General Curiosity – original illustrated/pictorial art & designs, cards etc. from diverse inspirations.
    • In the Cafe – coffee & tea-inspired designs.
    • Occasion Cards – for greetings, birthdays etc.
    • Folk & Mellow – folk music, guitar and art-inspired (+relating to ‘Music’ below).
    • Photo Art – images with wall art & poster potential.
    • Art onto Wood – selected images from all categories printed onto wood.
    • NOTE: all above items can be customised on various products as you wish.
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  • NEW! Crypto-Collectibles/NFTs: check out rare, authenticated (limited special edition) images you can buy or sell on as ‘digital assets’ (MakersPlace.com)
  • Crypto-art / collectibles on Ade’s Press OpenSea Marketplace (beta)
  • Crypto-art / collectibles on Mintbase Marketplace
  • My stock images for sale on Bitcoin4Photos (a Blockstack dapp)
  • My stock images available on Adobe Stock.
  • Send free Ade’s Press E-cards via 123Greetings.

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embertime guitar

Folky music…

  • Some ‘Embertime’ guitar song outlines & improvisations, including Autumn music plus many other experiments, free to stream on Soundcloud.

Ambient / funk / mixes…

cover for 'Drinking the Road'

  • You can stream these ‘Embient’ mixing experiments for free on Soundcloud. Inspired by long-distance driving, world & ambient souds and 80s music. Includes tracks from ‘Drinking the Road’: a home-made double CD of music for driving etc. (mixes of electronic, funk, world music).

…or feel free to contact me directly via a comment to place an order (UK only) or request more info about anything featured on this site.


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