Fountellion by Martina Stipan

Welcome to some personal art + writings.

Topics include cryptocurrency, blockchain or DLT, investing, art and content creation, passive income, ‘permaculture’ or green living, and new technologies (especially VR/AR/MR content).

Tune in to the LATEST…..or jump into the categories: cryptoart, writing, or new tech/games geek-related posts.

I write more these days with a strong interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain networks, which means I casually trade and follow the market. Check out the Intro to Crypto section. I’ve also made a Telegram group where you can get notified of new posts on here.

In spare time I also like making some artwork, now available as crypto-collectible or as specially-designed items on Zazzle store.

Corrections, comments and ideas are always appreciated and improve the site.
Please drop a line or share a thought as this can really enhance a post.
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Ade M. Campbell

ade - profile 2015

Disclaimer: None of the information on this site is professional investment or financial advice and is purely personal opinion/discussion. Always do your own research. If you’ve found anything helpful (or lucrative) as a result, please consider sending a crypto tip to support more posts [Bitcoin accepted! Address: 1Yyr6LU8ebKq5LWqZNuKyjhkdeqBgfCNs]


There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ (Shakespeare, Hamlet)


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