Art as NFTs

As an early NFT maker, these are personal art & designs I’ve turned into rare NFTs you can keep forever or trade on marketplaces. You’ll need a web3 digital wallet like Metamask installed in your browser.

I now use LinkTree to keep track of all the NFTs I create registered globally on Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

What are NFTs? Well, you can own them, collect them (‘hodl’ them in a digital wallet), or sell them on (v. easily) at one of the growing online marketplaces like Opensea. NFTs are effectively ‘proofs’ that you own the image and info being referenced. You also get exclusive access to the full-res image, or extra content, and some rights (depending on the NFT/project) as an owner.

Collectors are supporters of my work, and may be ‘airdropped’ future pieces from new or early collections (and by way of thanks!)

I still use MakersPlace for major artwork, but plan to mint more via Opensea as this gives me more control.

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Additionally, you can also view (and place offers on) NFTs I currently hold in my wallet (via marketplace), for sale or that I’ve collected from other artists. You can place an offer at any of these locations, to collect my work or those I’ve collected from other artists.

Many thanks for interest in my creative experiments and crazy projects.