Cryptocoinopoly: Go to HODL!

This has been around for a while, but I’ve just discovered this. I won’t waffle on about what a nice ‘upgrade’ this should inject into that traditional capitalist family board game Monopoly.

Crypto-lovers who’ve been following the market since its explosion last Christmas 2017 will see many in-jokes, and could even adapt it further as the space continues to evolve.

All the files, info and cards for downloading and then adapting the traditional version are here on Github.

Maybe one day they’ll be an ‘official’ version, when the landscape has settled down a bit. Better to use Github for now! Every year’s version might be a little different.

It’s cool to see this here at the dawn of crypto and crypto-infused games in general, which many believe will contribute greatly to mass adoption.

(If you enjoy playing Cryptocoinopoly, let me know here at Ade’s Press (or on Steemit), what you think, what’s missing or what’s the best element or in-joke.)


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