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Hi I’m Ade M. Campbell, a visual communicator, writer and ‘permaculture’ explorer.

Since about January 2018, I’ve been exploring crypto and web3. I aim to keep creating imagery and ideas for nature-inspired projects. There’s more about me and current work here.

You can follow some updates here, and more regularly via Twitter (where, if especially brave, you can even click on the bell icon for notifications, and for nft drops.) Also: Instagram @adespress.

I occasionally do free ‘airdrops’ of extra art etc. to collectors of my NFTs. Please sign up to this blog too if you like my work/projects.

Got a question about an artwork or post? Feel free to drop me a line below and I’ll hope to find time to respond. There is a Discord server too (early stage), so drop your details below for an invite.


Ade’s Press studio & research center!

mcopress.crypto (unstoppable domain)


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