Hi I’m Ade, a visual communicator, writer and ‘permaculture’ explorer.

Since about January 2018, I’ve been exploring crypto. This has also boosted my artwork thanks to NFTs and overtaken much of my time. I aim to keep creating imagery and ideas for nature-inspired artwork.

You can follow my updates here and more regularly via Twitter (where, if especially brave, you can even click on the bell icon for notifications.)

I occasionally do free ‘airdrops’ of extra work to collectors of my NFTs. Please sign up to this blog too if you like my work/projects.

Got a question about an artwork or post? Feel free to drop me a line below and I’ll hope to find time to respond. There is a Discord server too, in very early stage.


Ade’s Press studio & research center!

mcopress.crypto (unstoppable domain)


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