Ade’s Crypto-Collectibles or NFTs

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Welcome to some personal artwork/designs that I’ve turned into signed, rare ‘crypto-collectibles‘ registered as ERC-721 (etc.) Ethereum tokens or NFTs.

What are collectibles? They can be owned, collected (‘hodled’ in a digital wallet), or sold on (easily) at one of the online marketplaces. They are effectively ‘proofs’ that you own the image being referenced.

I use MakersPlace, and also mint privately via Mintbase. These are both dapps for minting and offering tokens.

You can also view all the tokens I currently hold in my Ethereum wallet (via marketplace), for sale or that I’ve collected from other artists. You can place an offer at any of these locations, to collect my work or those I’ve collected from other artists.

Check out some of my Latest added crypto-collectibles…

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  • At MakersPlace store/art…

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Images I’ve minted personally (via Mintbase) for sale or auction, slightly more rare or experimental works.