‘An Invitation’…to share

My name is Professor Benjamin Fielding and I’d like to invite you to experience our ‘Game’…

Despite anything you may have read or heard about it, we hold high hopes that you will experience it simply as yourself and without pre-conceived notions.

Instructions for access are as follows…

In the Spiral - provisional book cover

Sci-fi fan? Gamer geek? VR peddler? VRMMO designer? Cyber-punk? or just a good, old-fashioned reader? Stand by… for book 1 of connected stories and fragments ‘In the Spiral‘…

They’re connected stories and fragments about a growing number of virtually-accessible worlds in the future, and their effects on users and society…

The second, (final) book should reach Amazon Kindle later this year.

More info/extracts on the whole project at The Spiral Times.

2017 = Year of The Spiral VR…

‘How much shall you be changed? Before you are changed…’

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