Earning ‘NOTES’ tokens on the CHOON platform

[artwork: impression of a guitar (wax crayon on paper) I made some time ago in my shared house at university in the uk. While studying English and Computers, I found myself reading about loads of artists from Picasso to Pollock.]

I went on to record some guitar outlines, and have just added one here on Choon.

Anybody else tried it out? It seems like finally musicians will get something back, in the form of NOTES tokens, if you get added to people’s playlists etc.

I’m mostly into guitar folk, fingerpicking, plus also ambient music, and now plan to migrate over to Choon most of my song outlines, improvisations and electronic/ambient experiments (from Soundcloud) – provided they accept the mp3s.

Got any views on the CHOON platform? The design is pretty clear and classy and it’s surely a much-needed blockchain-based solution for rewarding musicians directly. The demand has exceeded the expectations of the developers. You might want to pick up some early NOTES tokens, before this thing takes off. Details here

I’ll probably just leave my driving music on dSound.

If you’ve added music to #Choon, comment any links to your music.

View this post on Steempeak.com, a (better?) alternative to Steemit.

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