Earning ‘NOTES’ tokens on the CHOON platform

[UPDATE: CHOON sadly didn’t make it as a crypto startup. However, it may merge with Emanate (another blockchain solution).]

impression of guitar

[impression of a guitar (wax crayon on paper)]

I made the above image about 2002 in my shared house at university in the uk.

I went on to record some guitar experiments, song outlines and improvisations, and have just been ‘dusting down’ and adding some, up onto a site called CHOON .co.

Choon logo at Ade's Press

The Role of NOTES

It seems like, finally, musicians will start getting something back directly when their tracks get played (in the form of NOTES tokens, an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency). You’ll also accumulate them if your tracks get added to other user’s playlists.

This is an example of how a secured token ‘ecosystem’ can start to get interesting, as more uses for the ‘utility’ token may be rolled out in the future, further enhancing the value of the token and platform (and the blockchain itself). Down the line, this could include the potential to connect artists with producers and creative collaboration possibilities in general.

Got any views on the CHOON platform? The design is pretty clear and classy and it’s surely a much-needed blockchain-based solution for rewarding musicians directly. The demand has exceeded the expectations of the developers. You might want to pick up some early NOTES tokens, before this thing starts taking off. Details here

If you’ve added music to #Choon, comment any links to your music.


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