Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Investing in a crypto often means investing in a network, so understanding that type of network is key, and how it differs from other projects.

Stellar and its Lumens: a robust, understated blockchain-based network with a strong, non-profit team led by a former Ripple creator. However, this is a more decentralised version with a very unique protocol: FBA or Federated Byzantine Agreement. This means that it’s not Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake, but the validation of entries (to achieve consensus) occurs in a particular way, using ‘quorom slices’, that ensures safety from manipulation.

It’s super-fast. Tons of work behind the scenes, with development in the important realm of decentralised exchanges. Rumours of Coinbase listing which would allow direct fiat to Lumens. It’s also on eToro. There have been talks with Facebook’s blockchain team.

What is it? Well, it will allow for cross-border payments for those without a bank, which is a pretty big market. Its speed is very attractive. Its focus has been on being open-source and decentralised, as opposed to overtly commercial like Ripple and XRP, so it gets a big ‘like’ by the ‘movement’ that is crypto. Nice wallets and Lumens increase with inflation.

The network itself is Open Membership, which means anyone with a server can spin up a node at home, become the network and even become a validator, increasing its decentralised robustness.

These combined attributes give it great potential.

Stellar site
Reddit discussion

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