3 (unsettling) Sci-Fi movie masterpieces

Close together, I recently sat down and soaked up three provocative, pretty damn creepy ‘big’ sci-fi movies, in one night. I only just made it to bed.

They’re not really ‘horrific’, like cryptocurrency for most of 2018, but they’re also not for the faint-hearted. And they leave you pondering big questions.

bladerunner-kixxposter by StudioKxx

I don’t suggest watching them all in one go, and maybe not with a strong coffee, but I do recommend them.

Ready? There are no specific spoilers here ok…

  • 1. ANNIHILATION [wikipedia]
    The director of ‘Ex Machina’ is not letting you get away so easily. He returns with some kind of Kubrickian intention to be even more wickedly provocative about life, nature and ‘ourselves’. An all-female group of researchers head off into a mysterious bubble from which no-one has yet returned (themselves?). It’s maybe more horrific in places than Alien Covenant, but overall you’re definitely left feeling that ‘there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy‘. [shakespeare: ‘hamlet’]
  • 2. ALIEN: Covenant [wikipedia]
    I thought the reviews about this film were going to be unfair. I loved the ambition, tech and visual expertise of ‘Prometheus’ and just felt this must also be pretty great. And it is. I think everyone was just expecting it to be as horrific and intense as the original ‘Alien’. Well, I didn’t want this personally. I wanted something that leads on from Prometheus, and to be as intriguing, fast-paced, shocking and unsettling. It is. And it leaves you understanding more, and wanting more. Great!
    I had to buy the blu-ray as I love watching Ridley Scott at work on set, and all the extra scenes and stuff. Just as interesting as the extras for ‘Prometheus’ blu-ray.
  • 3. BLADE RUNNER 2049 [wikipedia]
    It’s a little cold, but then that’s the point. It’s a cold world still, this future, with its dark atmosphere replicated. I never really expected a sequel to come along after the 80s classic (final cut). This one does expand and complement the discussion. It still shows how relevant the Blade Runner world is to our present day immersion in technology. It goes a little deeper. Thankfully, it’s nothing trivial and was written by the original screenwriters, and handled well. People say it was too long, even Ridley Scott. However I don’t think so. It’s more about the cold nature of where it’s coming from, that makes it a little disengaging. But it does manage to make us empathise towards Deckard all over again There are some great and creepy scenes. Ultimately it still feels unresolved, only we care less to try and solve anything this time around. That said, I suppose there could still be room for another film. It could be, like, film noir all the way though this time, (no orange anywhere) but with more VR/AR everywhere. Just an idea. Again, blu-ray is recommended. You get some extra animated background movies too.

What have these films all got in common? That would be a deep, dissertation-worthy discussion. Feel free to be bold and share any ideas below, but go easy!

Let me just say that these three movies got right under my skin and gave the ole’ insides a real twist. A lot like watching the crypto markets. Hodl off for awhile and “enjoy”! 🙂

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One response to “3 (unsettling) Sci-Fi movie masterpieces

  1. Loved this post! Will now set out to watch Annihilation..when I have the courage. Good memories of the others…early voyages of discovery!



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