ODEM Platform: Disrupting Education? Now Open for Testing

The ODE token (On Demand Education) on the Ethereum blockchain will play a vital role in a decentralised, education-focused ecosystem.

The platform connects students, educators, and service providers where, together, they develop and engage in personal and group, in-person educational programs.

Read more about What is Odem? at the Odem.io comprehensive site, that provides full details and objectives for the token and project. It will also provide access to its working product, where you can register as a Beta Tester.


‘A first-of-its-kind global, decentralized education marketplace to deliver complete, end-to-end, custom, in-person education programs and experiences.’

The Beta Release is now available for students and educators to register and begin testing the working product. In fact, there is currently an offer with Earn.com for new users interested in this engaging with this project.

What’s also interesting is a planned partnership with Excelerators.com, which help streamline operations as well as promote and on-board a relevant user-base.

You can purchase on Ether token dex: IDEX.


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Jan 2019

Note: This entry forms part of my personal adventures in crypto-space. Comments, ideas and corrections really appreciated to enhance my site and help me educate/be educated. I may even ask you for your (best) crypto address so I can send a tip in exchange for quality info.


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