Adding Crypto Donations or Crypto E-commerce to your Site

Hi folks, I’ve recently found 2 websites to help with adding crypto-powered donations or even crypto e-commerce shop to your website.


You can make a profile easily at this site, which is a Patreon-challenger.

Right now, you can support with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and SmartCash.

The PowerChat feature is aimed mostly for streamers on Youtube and Twitch.

The Pledge feature allows you to sponsor other users, or create your own Tiers where you can offer your sponsors more exclusive content.

You can also create Package Deals and adjust your email notifications.

Obviously, you can imagine how useful this would be for any project, fundraiser or event organised between friends. The Explore section of the site allows you to connect with and discover fellow crypto-lovers and similar projects.

It would be nice to see more features emerge, including some HTML code function for integrating on any site.

Consider sponsoring Ade’s [Crypto] Press secret research labs? Check out my profile again here, where I will also add my latest posts to my Bitbacker ‘wall’ or timeline. Sorry, I can’t offer any exclusive content for monthly sponsors at this time (minimum only $4), but any contributions will directly support this blog.



This is a plug-in for WordPress sites/blogs, and also for e-commerce. Sadly, I can’t integrate the plug-in and demo it on this site, as I don’t yet have a Business Plan (at time of writing).

It has a nice donations feature. If you want more than 3 transactions a month, you’ll have to pay $59 a year. However, it looks well worth it.

You can select from 80+ cryptos ! easy QR code-ready, and it has 600+ installations already.



This is an XRP / Ripple-powered project to monetize content, a bit similar to Brave Rewards.  Here, any willing ‘rewarders’ can sign up with a subscription that will reward websites of content creators automatically. Meanwhile, these content creators can sign up and register their content or website (you add a line of HTML code to your site) including Youtube etc.

It’s early stages, but with these two above players in motion, a new ad-free internet can start to populate. Great content creators can start to receive micro-payments directly for their time and efforts (and research;)!


ALSO check out: [decentralised fund-raising platform]


Happy tipping, supporting and crypto-selling!

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