Strong Cup of Crypto: XYO Network (XYO)

For now this post is just a highlight or quick introduction to XYO, which plans to be like a secure, decentralised GPS which can link to the digital world (or virtual worlds).

It’s an oracle, bridging utility token that can request location-based data and securely pass it to a blockchain-based or DLT for dapps.

The token is already live and listed on exchanges as an Ethereum-based token. There is even a ‘Geo Mining’ Kit that pays (passive income) tokens for contributing to the network.

This is only a first, introductory post on XYO here at Ade’s Press, but hopefully we’ll write more, if this project shows progress. Stay tuned!

Resources – main site
Geo mining kit site

Medium info
Telegram discussion
Reddit discussion
Twitter updates

Feb 2019


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