This Quick Youtube Vid Compares Facebook and Steemit…

Facebook will soon launch a cryptocurrency on its Whatsapp messenger platform, and you can read a few things to bear in mind here.

So we’ll be able to tip or send value to our friends and family, but will that help or increase time spent on the chat app, or on the main FB platform? Could it end up fundamentally altering the nature of the platform itself? After all, the Steem cryptocurrency is partly the driving force that motivates much of the content, energy and creativity on its blockchain-based ecosystem.

Anyway, it’s important to realise there are already very potent alternatives to ‘using’ Facebook…

I just thought that was a great video summary by Andrew Levine, an important figure on Steemit. He sums it up really well, even for hardy ‘Steemians’ who may have become too focused on trying to earn crypto, instead of appreciating its very nature and growing ecosystem. Like any online ‘social’ network platform though, it’s important to figure out what you want to bring to it, or get out from engaging with it… exactly.

Steemit gives you much more of a canvas. You could be a writer, artist, blogger, reporter, promoter, investor…

In fact, stay tuned to Ade’s Press for a future post highlighting new Steemit dapp… , where you can rent out your idle Steem Power to support other users with things to say, or else lease it to draw awareness to your own projects.

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