New collectible artwork available: ‘Collaborative Evolution’

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I continue to sort through a lot of old artwork and organise the ‘better’ ones for sale on the blockchain.

I dug up the old, original image file (2010) for this piece called ‘Collaborative Evolution’ and have now made 2000 editions available for purchase as authenticated ‘crypto-collectibles’ on my MakersPlace art store.

The price is 0.056 ETH each (purchase direct via MetaMask or there is credit card option).

Originally made in pencil, then enhanced digitally and blended with photo-texture, it was inspired by ancient hieroglyphs, cave art, post-apocalyptic art and digital icons.

It was actually an idea for a non-religious Christmas card sending love and good wishes, but it also attempts to summarise some of the scientific challenges we face as just another species on planet Earth. But with growing global awareness of the necessity for more harmony with nature, there could be some hope as a collaborative species.
Part of nature-inspired ‘Greenwise‘ series.’


Eh, but what is crypto-art?

To learn more about crypto-collectibles, or art on the blockchain, see my page overview.
For a more in-depth guide, see my previous post.


Best green wishes,

Ade mc


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