Strong Cup of Crypto: NASH and NEX token

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Nash is looking like a really strong project, built by talented NEO developers. It will be a DEX, a decentralised exchange with its own token (the Neo-based NEX token) that will also allow for passive income rewards [link to related posts]. You can ‘configure’ your stake and receive monthly dividends in each asset.

The exchange isn’t ready yet, but you can make an account, get a referral link to start sharing (and possibly win some bitcoin+nex) and get notified of updates.

You can already purchase NEX tokens (see below).

The success/growth of the project and token will depend on attracting growth via user-friendliness of the products, and the attractiveness of the staking rewards.

What else will be different about the Nash exchange?

Well, it will be user-friendly, where other DEX often still aren’t. The dashboard for fund management is already looking good. It will be non-custodial of course, so you will retain control over your assets and private keys, and this security is what makes decentralised exchanges the way ahead for crypto-trading and the space. There used to be frequent price pull-backs because of centralised exchange hacks.

The Nash DEX will have fiat on-ramps, the first DEX to incorporate this feature, via credit card presumably at this stage.

There will be an accompanying browser extension (you can try the alpha now).

The Nash Extension is the first browser-based multi-asset wallet. It also offers convenient features like an address book, the ability to claim or stake tokens and a comprehensive transaction history.

The mobile app will function both as a multi-wallet and access the dex.

Another product will be NASH pay, a pay system that also has neat integrations with the other products, and conversion features.


There is a good chance this project will see good growth, especially once the exchange and token go live as a platform. For now, you can check out the alpha browser extension features. Alternatively, you could wait until the full platform goes live, and test the product before investing. Whatever the case… buy low.

Investors in crypto do love exchange-based tokens and staking rewards. Added to the Long-HODL portfolio.

You can buy NEX currently on Switcheo (another impressive multi-chain dex worth checking out) and hold your NEX in any Neo wallets, as it’s a NEO-based token.

August 2019.


NASH website
[Ade’s Press referral for signup]

Company blog on Medium
Reddit discussion
Twitter updates
Youtube videos and talks

NEX token price at Livecoinwatch

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