Time for some… figs

Time for more experiments in permaculture, gardening etc.

common fig

Here in South West France (hardiness zone 6-10), one of our trees is producing some v. good fresh figs. I think it’s the common fig.

Some people might eat one from a variety that’s not so nice, or never a fresh one, then never try one again, a bit like me.

That’s a shame, so I’m catching up learning about the amazing nature and properties. Re: wasps!


On the permaculture front: interested in drying more garden fruit for longer storage.

Health benefits of dried figs

[search: ‘how to dry figs…’]

All about figs


Cutting and drying process

don’t forget the cover tho

image of dried figs in oven

ready for storage


Success. And partly dried in the sun. In the oven on 60, the figs shrink pretty small, and can drop through the wire rack, so they’ll need sorting out and turning.

Took over 20 hours. Must make sure skins are leathery and cut them with a knife to make sure no longer juicy but dry.

Store in airtight container in fridge for 3-4 months, or freeze up to 3 years.

‘Avoid [picking] figs that look shrunken are oozing from their splits, have milky liquid around the stem, or are super squishy. It also seems obvious, but just to make sure you know what to look for, avoid figs with any sign of mold. Be sure to check on the underside of the container, if they’re in one, for these signals that the figs are better suited for the compost than consumption.’

It’s a long dry process. Make sure you’ve got a lot of cut fruit to fill up the oven.

What fruit to dry next…?

Sept 2019

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