A simple ‘HODL Card / Scroll’ (free!)

So you can have different crypto wallets for different blockchains and it can get confusing.

Welcome to the simple ‘HODL Scroll’. Choose a version (click to enlarge):

hodl scroll image

The instructions for the ‘HODL Scroll’ are simple:

  • Enlarge, then Download and Print
  • Think: What is your most used or active crypto wallet?
  • Goto QRcodemonkey and make a free QR code of the Explorer address for your wallet (eg. via Etherscan for ETH)
  • Print out the QR code and stick it to the HODL Scroll (or add it via Photoshop etc. before printing.)
  • Fill in the blockchain/crypto and any other notes.
  • Easily monitor or check-up on your wallet activity by scanning the code.
  • Add additions/changes for personal reference.


Or… you can find better, and ready-to-go ones including Public Address cards, at my Crypto-Magic Zazzle Collection.

Or as rare, collectors templates on MakersPlace.com…..


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