Bounty0x: Help Promote Projects

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Earn Crypto for Achieving Bounties

Signing up allows you to join ‘bounties’ or tasks in exchange for crypto or tokens, that help to promote a particular project (or several) in the space.

‘Bounty Hunting’ is a motivating catchphrase for this Ethereum-enabled project (which is a well-integrated dapp with any web3 Eth mobile or browser wallets like MetaMask).

Tasks could be anything from joining Telegram groups, retweeting posts etc. to helping with translations, writing blog posts and in so doing learning and supporting new projects.

Or you could be a host and post your own tasks for your blockchain-related project, and gain valuable feedback and followers.

Once your task has been approved, you will receive tokens straight to your Ethereum wallet.


There are many emerging projects like this, including StormPlay, and recently KuCoin Exchange (read about KCS here) launched KuCoinPlay, which is basically very similar.

The ‘gamification’ of online mini-tasks and freelancing, is a growing business, but it’s a good idea to be supporting decent projects, or you could end up losing followers and credibility.


I’m unsure of the precise utility of BNTY tokens, but there is a staking feature.

Is this an undervalued token? The project may need to grow more, and there don’t seem to be many projects at time of writing.

However, the update from Q4 2019 for Bounty0x is encouraging.


logo for Bounty0x

Jan 2020. Disclaimer: no bounty received for this post!


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