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Impressive smartphone app(s), payment cards, great reward systems, staking rewards, own exchange, ambitious future plans… it’s an essential mobile hub for managing your cryptos.

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example of mobile app

It’s hard not to be impressed with the mobile app, which houses so much under one roof.

Features here include:

  • Multi-coin crypto wallets (a wide range) + Fiat wallets.
  • Transfer Crypto in and out.
  • In-built exchange: Also purchase MCO & CRO easily from the app.
  • Crypto credit for Instant Loans including staking option with MCO token.
  • Interest on hodling Crypto Assets.
  • Crypto price tracker.
  • Investment scheduling.
  • Quant trading (invest and let an algorithm do the trading)
  • VISA card payments with cashback rewards + metal card designs…
  • Separate Wallet app for more secure ‘hodling’.

With plans for its own CRO blockchain and decent staking, cashback and reward system via the MCO token, this app+card is a strong present-day option that could lead into a real cutting edge one.

In order to get your payment card (of certain limits and restrictions), you’ll have to stake a certain minimum of MCO tokens (via the app) at varying amounts and for a certain time limit (at least 50 MCO).

But… if you register above with Ade’s Crypto Press code and reserve your card today, you can unlock the sign-up offer of MCO tokens. You can then buy extra MCO tokens direct from the mobile app.

In brief, with its Monaco/MCO token and CRO blockchain is certainly a project to both track and enjoy for its real use-case today.

[I do also recommend Nexo and Wirex, (payment card+app projects, and/or crypto interest-earning and crypto-collateralized loans) but takes the biscuit for the most features right now].


Note: The only thing to keep in mind is that these are third-party solutions, and not real crypto wallets where you possess the keys (see update below).

UPDATE: It’s recommended to download the extra Wallet mobile app which gives you even more security (in that you have the Recovery key to the wallet). Don’t worry, you can connect to the Main app so that it becomes a withdrawal destination option, to swiftly transfer cryptos between the apps. This not only represents a further backup option, but also’s commitment to decentralisation down the line.

Also: For smart contract blockchains particularly, hodlers should really be keeping crypto in a wallet where you can interact and experiment with dapps, like Meet.One for EOS, MetaMask for Ethereum etc.




Jan 2020: minor update May 2020


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