Crypto-Collectible for TEZOS Hodlers

Newly minted on Makersplace , March 2020: Collector’s ‘Hodler Reference’ for Tezos (XTZ) investors and supporters of the network.

2/5 only remaining (at time of posting).

Start collecting ‘Crypto-Magic‘ and other Ade’s Press art: Yours to own as ‘proof-of-investment’ and early adoption, signed/verified and dated to live forever in your crypto-wallet.

A number of different payment options are available on the site. Currently going cheap for ETH as Ethereum is available for low price due to Coronavirus volatility.

You can read more about TEZOS (XTZ) at previous post.

Interested in more ‘crypto-magic’ crypto-art?
Keep your eyes tuned to Ade’s Crypto Press, to get (infrequent) notifications about latest, rare artwork NFTs to collect, and other work.

– Ade mc



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