Got the app? Download the other one too…

I’m a big fan of and its contribution to crypto adoption. They’ve been offering some awesome rewards and offers as they push their all-in-one crypto and fiat management app on mobile, and also their Syndicate exchange. They have more features than Coinbase for earning top interest rates, such as the upcoming 6% lock-up offer (paid weekly) for ADA (Cardano) which is on the move this year. [Note: I’m still researching Cardano so haven’t done a post here at Ade’s Crypto Press… just yet.)

[If you’re interested more in, please check out this post for my run-down of the main app features, plus $50 referral offer for new users.]

But, to continue… did you know there’s now another, actual Wallet app, just like with Coinbase?

image of wallet app

This is a post not only to encourage users onto, but to promote both mobile apps, partly since you can move your crypto easily between them.

What’s the Difference between the 2 apps?

Whereas the main has all the great features for earning staking rewards, investing, converting to fiat currencies, getting alerts, managing your payment card etc. it’s important to bear in mind that your cryptocurrency is not entirely under your control. You are using as a custodian and while this is secure to a degree, it’s wise to keep some in the separate wallet also.

The separate Wallet is an actual crypto wallet for holding crypto where you will retain control of the key (via set keywords).

The new Wallet app remains an important part of the future of and its commitment to movements towards decentralisation and personal control over your assets. It also allows you more flexibility over gas or network fees when sending crypto to other wallets. And, you can import other (Metamask etc.) crypto wallets to this app.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable keeping your private keys safely and would rather use as a full brokerage option, then it may not be for you. It’s not necessary. There are less coins supported however, currently: BItcoin Ethereum, CRO and MCO, etc.

[Scan down the full page about the Wallet app on]

Why recommend it?

Despite the great features of the main management app and the lure of high interest rewards, it’s important to remember not to keep all your eggs in one basket, especially as it will never be as secure as a basket where only you have your keys. ie: Not your keys, not your Bitcoin. 

The remains an exciting platform, with strong marketing team and the utility of the MCO and CRO tokens have seen significant growth, with further utility for them ongoing and where the MCO VISA-powered cards are rolled out across Europe. I consider them good investments.

If you’ve found this post useful in discovering then please consider taking up the Ade’s Press referral offer. This will give you free $50 in MCO tokens when signing up via the main mobile app.

June 2020

Disclaimer: Not professional financial advice. Always do your own research. The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space is still subject to large market swings due to unforeseeable events and market conditions. Only invest what you can afford to lose.


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