Stake Zilliqa (ZIL) for passive income

Zilliqa is an exciting project and possible future competitor to Ethereum. Its ‘sharding’ approach promises to deliver a solution to the transaction speed issue that causes congestion on today’s widely used blockchain networks.

With an impressive team and progress, and mainnet now live, staking is becoming more available, and may see continued rise in traction and adoption for Zilliqa here in 2020.

There are considerably less active dapps as yet so it’s early days but development is underway and on its special smart contract language Scilla.

All you need to do…

…is to ‘hodl’ ZIL on major exchanges like Binance and Kucoin to accrue automatic staking rewards. Ideally, this option will soon become available on wallets like Atomic Wallet so users can keep their crypto more securely and still earn rewards, increasing / promoting decentralisation for Zilliqa network.

Current price of ZIL = $0.01790448


June 2020


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